Who am I?

I am a plethora of many things, but for starters I am a photographer (aka picture-taking freak) and a full-time physical therapy student.  When I am not in the library studying countless awesome things that PTs do, I am daydreaming about photography and probably wanting to grab some Starbucks.  I am a lover of God, justice, dreams, creativity, adventure, music, and fashion.  I am a firm believer of big dreams, lots of passion, and pretty photographs.  I believe that stars cannot shine without darkness, life is too short for us to be serious all the time, and God is good.  I currently have two home bases that I shoot out of: Rockford, IL and Milwaukee, WI. I also love traveling to new and cool places!

Why did I start blogging?

I want to be able to share what I do and what I love with you awesome people.  I hope to give a voice to my photos and share my crazy, beautiful life.

Who am I blogging for?

For anyone who loves photography, happiness, genuine people, and a creative way of thinking.  Thank you SO much for taking an interest in my journey.

What is something I am proud of?

I am proud of my 3 year relationship with photography.  I started this pursuit of passion during my senior year of high school.  My amazing dad had a fancy DSLR camera that he hesitantly let me play with for an art project.  I studied art all four years of high school and loved it with every fiber of my being; little did I know art would continue to play a role in my life through a camera.  Ever since then I have taken pictures of awesome people doing amazing things.  The joy of capturing life’s biggest and smallest moments never ceases to give me goosebumps.  I am proud of being able to turn a simple hobby into an intense passion.  I am so happy that I can grow my little business and sharing my love for taking pretty pictures with anyone I can.

Message to take away from my blog?

Be fearless, be inspired, and be yourself.  Dream big and don’t settle for anything less.  Life is full of cherished memories; it is important to capture each one and keep them forever through photographs.

Nikki Kate Photography

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