Melissa | Milwaukee WI

Time with Melissa is always time well spent. This girl made me laugh constantly during her senior shoot. I am always such a happy photographer when this beauty is in front of my camera. I swear she can’t take a bad photo. Melissa is such a talented, stunning, and sweet young woman. The city of Milwaukee treated us well with the prettiest of buildings and gorgeous light. My favorite part of the shoot was when we walked into a Starbucks and Melissa posed with her grande cup of coffee frap (with one pump of cinnamon dulce, two pumps of toffee nut, soy, no whip, and caramel drizzle). I totally giggled to myself when I heard her order that complicated drink, but I was oh so proud at the same time.

Melissa, you did AMAZING and I love our mutual need for Starbucks. I cannot believe you are starting your senior year! I can’t wait to see where life takes you once you graduate! Until then, go make yourself some amazing memories and enjoy every moment!
Stay amazing,