Jared | Chicago IL

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my (not so) baby brother/partner in crime/ best friend forever! There are not enough words in the universe for me to use to show how much I love this kid. I am so proud of the young man Jared has become and tears fill my eyes as I realize how grown he has become. Feels like yesterday we were catching fireflies in the backyard and making up dances to N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys until mom and dad said it was time to go to bed. Jared has always been my #1 fan since day 1 (literally ;)) and he has filled my life with an abundance of proud big sister moments.

Planning a senior session for your little brother can display some challenges since procrastination took its toll, but we finally planned a family trip to the picture perfect location that is Chicago. Jared knew what to expect since he has helped me carry equipment to previous photo shoots, so it was entertaining to watch him work his magic in front of my camera. I am so ecstatic with how Jared’s photos turned out (although I may be a little biased ;)).

So Jared, you may not know exactly where life will take you next, but I do know this: your future is full of grand adventure and wonderful, incredible things. I am so lucky to be your sister and to be by your side through anywhere life may take you. I love you, “jay jay the jet plane”! (ending this here before I cry for reals.)