Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Tennessee, you are definitely the only 10 I see. 😉

Most college kids go to Florida or somewhere warm during spring break, but that wasn’t the case for my friends and I. We decided to make a trip to beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee in search of some sweet adventure. Our week was filled with lots of climbing for the most breathtaking mountain views, many waterfalls to chase, and the incredible memories made with friends. It was so awesome to be out of the library and out breathing some perfect Tennessee air with our heads in the clouds.  I cannot say enough how much I love my awesome friends! This trip was one for the books and I am so happy to finally share some photos (only 4 months later…)!


…And last but not least, enjoy some of my choppy and shaky video making skills!  Just had to film some of my favorite moments with these adventure seekers!